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Aluminum Alloy Ingot For Casting AC1A AC1B AC2A AC2B

2023323 · Magnesium Alloy Ingot AM50A, AM60B, AZ910D, AZ910S, AS41B, AZ31B, AZ40M, AZ41M, AZ61A, AZ63B, AZ80A, M1C,


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NADCA - Technical Standards - Die Casting

Revisions for this edition include: revised wording on the high integrity high pressure casting process to either be more clear or more inclusive; added information about precipitates that form in die casting alloys; corrected


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20221227 · Our PAPL Aluminium alloys find wide applications in various Aluminium pressure die casting units, automotive parts manufacturing units, building and


Standards & Specifications - Die Casting

2021 Product Specification Standards for Die Castings. This manual covers specification, design and production guidance for both users and manufacturers of conventional high