ti-5.5al-3.5sn-3zr-1nb-0.25mo-0.3si alloy ireland

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TIMET TIMETAL® 829 (Ti-5.5Al-3.5Sn-3Zr-1Nb-0.25Mo

829 (Ti-5.5Al-3.5Sn-3Zr-1Nb-0.25Mo-0.3Si) Titanium Alloy, Weldable, High Strength, High Temperature, Creep Resistant Alloy IMETAL 829 combines creep resistance up to 540°C


Titanium IMI 829 (Ti-5.5Al-3.5Sn-3Zr-1Nb-0.25Mo-0.3Si)

Titanium IMI 829 (Ti-5.5Al-3.5Sn-3Zr-1Nb-0.25Mo-0.3Si), Heat treatment: Beta heat treated at 1050 °C, Air Cooled and aged 2 hours at 625 °C Characteristics: Near-alpha alloy,


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2020915 · Ti53311S Ti-5.5Al-3.5Sn -3Zr-1Mo-1Nb-0.3Si。 Ti55,。


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