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A Review on Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys for

2021420 · Over the last decade, several review articles have discussed the AM of titanium, but most of them emphasize the PBF process and the “workhorse” titanium

: Zhiying Liu, Bei He, Bei He, Tianyi Lyu, Yu Zou

Ti-6Al-4V - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

The as-consolidated Ti-6Al-4V demonstrated excellent tensile properties (Table 16.9).The yield and tensile strengths of thin-wall (about 0.8 mm thick) LC Ti-6Al-4V were about


Ti6Al4V(TC4) -

2022223 · Ti-6Al-4V(TC4),“GB/T 2965-2007”. Ti-6Al-4V(TC4)αβ,、(400℃)